Travel Strategy of South Korea III

Jeju City, on Jejudo Island, is the capital of South Korea’s Jeju Province. In the city, Sinsan Park has displays of marine animals at Jeju Folklore and Natural History Museum. Jejuhyanggyo Confucian School houses ancestral tablets and offers calligraphy classes. On the coast, Yongduam Haesu Spa Land has seawater saunas. Nearby, divers at the dragon-shaped Yongduam Rock collect seafood using traditional methods.
As the honeymoon capital for all of Korea, Jeju Island is often highly regarded as the “Korean Hawaii” by many Koreans.  Being a Hawaii native, I’d say it’s definitely in the running realm of consideration. While it misses on the crucial vibe of Aloha, the spirit that Hawaiians take pride in,  Jeju has several jaw-dropping natural wonders which should rank it higher in UNESCO World Heritage listings, than mother Korea. Tropical climate,  beaches, inactive volcanoes, off-the-wall museums and theme parks and a leisurely island pace, a fun and refreshing bitmap of Korean style!
South of the city, Jeju Nanta Theatre has shows mixing folk music, acrobatics and drama. The Nexon Computer Museum features early prototypes and classic games. The Jeju Museum of Art houses works by noted 20th-century Korean artist Chang Ree-suok. Adult-themed sculptures fill Jeju Love Land’s grounds and gallery. In the west of the island, Hallim Park is a huge botanical garden with bonsai trees, peacocks and lotus ponds. The Jeju Horse Park has riding facilities and a museum exploring the island’s equestrian culture. In Hallasan National Park, at the heart of the island, volcanoes surround Mount Yeongjusan. Looking for a Woman Hat? BeretHat  has a large collection of popular hats in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from.

Jeju is the southern island of South Korea, with a warmer climate, so it is the first place on the Korean peninsula to bloom cherry blossoms. Cherry Blossom Avenue is located on Dianong Road in Jeju City, west of Jeju Arena. It holds a cultural festival in early April when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jeju’s big cherry blossoms. A gust of wind, the whole street under the pink and white Lesser Snow, will attract countless lovers, families come to sightseeing. In fact, there are many passers-by, because a lot of people come to appreciate the cherry blossoms, so it is very difficult to photograph a few people. Next to Cherry Blossom Avenue is a super big park, everyone in this sun-basking, watching cherry blossoms, riding bicycles, very comfortable.

April is the season when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Instead of visiting the recommended cherry blossom shrine, Horse Park, we walked along and saw the cherry boulevard full of teenage girls.

Jeju has three main tourist ports: Jeju City, Jungmun Resort area and Seogwipo. The airport limousine bus makes stops along that city route and regular buses around the island is efficient and regular. A giant adult amusement park, Jeju has activities galore as well as, some pretty fun and oddball attractions to fill your travel itinerary. 

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