Travel Strategy of South Korea II

Gentle Monster

The surprise Gentle Monster sunglasses museum should still have the impression that there’s nothing interesting but glasses. This time I went to Korea and walked into the Gentle Monster new sand flagship store. After entering, you will be shocked that this is a large sunglasses’ museum.

This is a magical space, the first second of the store being completely attracted by the variety of lighting and material structure, and in addition to the noise of the crowd, and the crows, with a little weird, But it’s curious that. Gentle Monster has five layers, and we’re just entering the first floor, and as we move up, we see a wide variety of unidentified organisms. The most shocking is probably the B1 level of the projection room. When they first entered the screening room, it was dark and suddenly the neatly arranged crows began to swing slowly. After about 10s, the colorful lights flashed and the crows swung to the rhythm of the music. It was amazing and exciting. Gentle Monster’s new sand flagship store retells a new space story with the theme “White Ravens.” The story of the crows who have been invaded by unknown organisms and lost their foothold is displayed in sequence in this space.

“GENTLE MONSTER” is not just an eyeglass store, the unique design of the store like a studio, will let you indulge in it. It is also very popular as a good photographer. From the retro red door, you will find a lot of antique furniture configuration, will take you into a fantasy space. The atmosphere, like the MV scene, has attracted a lot of couples and female customers. Together with a 2-story shop, this personality-filled “little castle” is made up. In addition, the store with a variety of eyes and sunglasses frame is also the most avant-garde design style, so that the “GENTLE MONSTER” to become a very popular store in the mall area.

Park You-tin of JYJ also left a trail during The Girl Who Sees Smells shoot, which was released this spring, and thus attracted numerous overseas tourists.

See from afar is just a square side of the house, not noticeable, but rather low-key. After entering the door there was a surprise, as if walking into a secret space. The various shapes of ‘iron and wood ‘and the invisible’ sound ‘in the hall are in sharp contrast. Different materials and structures enrich the contrast, but coexist harmoniously. This can not help but think of each pair of GENTLEMONSTER glasses are loaded with the heart of the craftsman. The trial room is also a separate space. The third and fourth floors have a lot of antique furniture, and the fifth and sixth floors are lounges for coffee and wine. With the aim of “innovating high-end experiment”, its design idea innovates a new model of commercial space, and finds a perfect balance between spreading brand idea and commercial space design.

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