Travel Strategy of South Korea I

If you go out on the way, you have not experienced a frenzy or helplessness, so even if you meet a lot of customs on the trip, it’s not enough to remember.

The yearning for South Korea comes in large part from the influence of Korean dramas, romantic cherry blossoms, the street corner cabins in early morning, sweet love stories. The visit to South Korea for four days of shooting, I surprised to find that South Korea is a large set, everywhere filled with romantic atmosphere.

It was about 12:00 Korean time when we arrived in Korea. We found a Korean brother who was proficient in English and familiar with Korean local people as our guide. The first impression of the first meeting was probably that South Korea’s brother was really very trendy and very good at dressing up.

After four days of shooting in South Korea, I saw the busy streets under the neon lights, the tranquil roads of the early cherry blossoms, and the Korean alleyways, all the beautiful things that I had seen wanted to be shared with you.

Commmon Ground Market

First came South Korea’s most famous shopping site for building large blue containers, Commmon Ground Market, all of which are built in blue containers, with clothing stores, restaurants, bars and occasional art exhibitions. It is the holy land of photo concave modeling, the collision of different colors makes the photos full of fashion feeling.

Gangnam yeok

South Korean TV dramas are always rich areas, Chun Ji-hsien once in the Legend Of The Blue Sea easily found a five-digit coat in the Gangnam District in high-grade district garbage. Although I do not have this good fortune, but also does not hinder the feeling of the prosperity of Gangnam.

Gangnam Station at night, under the background of various billboards, is full of landmarks. If you want to be afraid of a picture full of Korean flavor, there is no doubt that this is your best choice. The Korean characters everywhere, can be shot as soon as possible, of course, it is because we do not understand highlighting its good-looking, perhaps inadvertently into the Korean translation into Chinese English.

Before leaving for South Korea, we searched a lot of strategies, known as Sanqing Cave, Samsung Museum, North House Village, are also our choices, but the last thing you need at this time is to find beautiful eyes. The office space that can be seen all over the hotel is particularly delicate and fresh.

What’s the most impressive thing about Korea? Not every indispensable pickle; not a little sister with fine makeup, but a street with obvious high and low slopes. Walking in the clean streets, feeling the spring breeze, occasionally cherry blossoms falling, so that time becomes infinite slow. At that moment, people stopped, all the things, all annoying, all the wind leaving infinite beauty.

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