What’s the Most Practical Hats?

More and more people choose to travel outbound or relax themselves in landscapes. Then, suitable and agreeable outfits will add joy and improve travel experience greatly. Here are four instances of summer travel outfits with hats. Headpieces could elevate fashion taste obviously in summer looks. Besides its obvious effects in elevating fashion taste, hats are also functional objects to shield glaring sun outdoor.

But many people are confused to pair outfits with hats, having no ideas to combine them together.

White Jeans and a Dark Blue Fedora

Versatile white pants go with a white striped top. Such a combination follows a classic nautical theme, so a navy fedora is consistent with them in style. One looks like a Instagram babe only after wearing a navy fedora, which has been around for years after getting famous by Jenifer Aniston. You can try it if you still get one yet. I believe you will also look confident and perky. Such a hat could also go with jeans, shorts, sundress, etc. What an interesting and fashionable accessories!

Floral Bohemian Dress and Elegant Ribbon Sun Hat

When you would like to frolic on the beach, a bohemian dress and flip flops are indispensable pieces. So they need to go with something coordinated in style and feel. Needless to say, charming sunhat is a perfect match, which owns a rounded front brim and a gentlewoman satin ribbon. Then, wear a pair of exaggerate earrings would be perfect to the outfit. A sweet seaside outfit with a sense of casual touch has been finished.

Sexy Swimsuit and Straw Hat

When it comes to oceans, many images of marine animals may pop up in your mind, such as conks, fish, turtles, dolphins, etc. Conk-shaped golden earrings go with loose pants, a woven straw bag and embroidered straw hat. All above pieces could create seaside style effortlessly. At the moment, only a pair of flip flops could finish the casual look.

Pink Bucket Hat and Denim Shorts

As a kind of all-time headpieces, the style and feel of a white front-tie blouse and blue denim shorts are consistent with that of a bucket hat. Compared with previous style, this year’s fishing hats get a funky twist, namely the newest tie-dye print. Only a casual pink satin bucket hat applies to diverse outdoor activities, such as sightseeing, boating or hanging out in summer. Canvas espadrilles and one more cross-body bag complete the sporty outfit. In summer, physical sun protection is the simplest but the most efficient way to keep the sun away, keeping your youthful complexion in a good status.

From this angle, any summer hat is better than no hats. In addition, a suitable summer hat elevates the fashion taste of the whole outfit. So, finding an exquisite and fashionable hat to match all your clothes is a good idea when you have no idea about how to create a unique look. Hope all above instances could inspire you.

Travel Strategy of South Korea III

Jeju City, on Jejudo Island, is the capital of South Korea’s Jeju Province. In the city, Sinsan Park has displays of marine animals at Jeju Folklore and Natural History Museum. Jejuhyanggyo Confucian School houses ancestral tablets and offers calligraphy classes. On the coast, Yongduam Haesu Spa Land has seawater saunas. Nearby, divers at the dragon-shaped Yongduam Rock collect seafood using traditional methods.
As the honeymoon capital for all of Korea, Jeju Island is often highly regarded as the “Korean Hawaii” by many Koreans.  Being a Hawaii native, I’d say it’s definitely in the running realm of consideration. While it misses on the crucial vibe of Aloha, the spirit that Hawaiians take pride in,  Jeju has several jaw-dropping natural wonders which should rank it higher in UNESCO World Heritage listings, than mother Korea. Tropical climate,  beaches, inactive volcanoes, off-the-wall museums and theme parks and a leisurely island pace, a fun and refreshing bitmap of Korean style!
South of the city, Jeju Nanta Theatre has shows mixing folk music, acrobatics and drama. The Nexon Computer Museum features early prototypes and classic games. The Jeju Museum of Art houses works by noted 20th-century Korean artist Chang Ree-suok. Adult-themed sculptures fill Jeju Love Land’s grounds and gallery. In the west of the island, Hallim Park is a huge botanical garden with bonsai trees, peacocks and lotus ponds. The Jeju Horse Park has riding facilities and a museum exploring the island’s equestrian culture. In Hallasan National Park, at the heart of the island, volcanoes surround Mount Yeongjusan. Looking for a Woman Hat? BeretHat  has a large collection of popular hats in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from.

Jeju is the southern island of South Korea, with a warmer climate, so it is the first place on the Korean peninsula to bloom cherry blossoms. Cherry Blossom Avenue is located on Dianong Road in Jeju City, west of Jeju Arena. It holds a cultural festival in early April when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jeju’s big cherry blossoms. A gust of wind, the whole street under the pink and white Lesser Snow, will attract countless lovers, families come to sightseeing. In fact, there are many passers-by, because a lot of people come to appreciate the cherry blossoms, so it is very difficult to photograph a few people. Next to Cherry Blossom Avenue is a super big park, everyone in this sun-basking, watching cherry blossoms, riding bicycles, very comfortable.

April is the season when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Instead of visiting the recommended cherry blossom shrine, Horse Park, we walked along and saw the cherry boulevard full of teenage girls.

Jeju has three main tourist ports: Jeju City, Jungmun Resort area and Seogwipo. The airport limousine bus makes stops along that city route and regular buses around the island is efficient and regular. A giant adult amusement park, Jeju has activities galore as well as, some pretty fun and oddball attractions to fill your travel itinerary. 

Travel Strategy of South Korea I

If you go out on the way, you have not experienced a frenzy or helplessness, so even if you meet a lot of customs on the trip, it’s not enough to remember.

The yearning for South Korea comes in large part from the influence of Korean dramas, romantic cherry blossoms, the street corner cabins in early morning, sweet love stories. The visit to South Korea for four days of shooting, I surprised to find that South Korea is a large set, everywhere filled with romantic atmosphere.

It was about 12:00 Korean time when we arrived in Korea. We found a Korean brother who was proficient in English and familiar with Korean local people as our guide. The first impression of the first meeting was probably that South Korea’s brother was really very trendy and very good at dressing up.

After four days of shooting in South Korea, I saw the busy streets under the neon lights, the tranquil roads of the early cherry blossoms, and the Korean alleyways, all the beautiful things that I had seen wanted to be shared with you.

Commmon Ground Market

First came South Korea’s most famous shopping site for building large blue containers, Commmon Ground Market, all of which are built in blue containers, with clothing stores, restaurants, bars and occasional art exhibitions. It is the holy land of photo concave modeling, the collision of different colors makes the photos full of fashion feeling.

Gangnam yeok

South Korean TV dramas are always rich areas, Chun Ji-hsien once in the Legend Of The Blue Sea easily found a five-digit coat in the Gangnam District in high-grade district garbage. Although I do not have this good fortune, but also does not hinder the feeling of the prosperity of Gangnam.

Gangnam Station at night, under the background of various billboards, is full of landmarks. If you want to be afraid of a picture full of Korean flavor, there is no doubt that this is your best choice. The Korean characters everywhere, can be shot as soon as possible, of course, it is because we do not understand highlighting its good-looking, perhaps inadvertently into the Korean translation into Chinese English.

Before leaving for South Korea, we searched a lot of strategies, known as Sanqing Cave, Samsung Museum, North House Village, are also our choices, but the last thing you need at this time is to find beautiful eyes. The office space that can be seen all over the hotel is particularly delicate and fresh.

What’s the most impressive thing about Korea? Not every indispensable pickle; not a little sister with fine makeup, but a street with obvious high and low slopes. Walking in the clean streets, feeling the spring breeze, occasionally cherry blossoms falling, so that time becomes infinite slow. At that moment, people stopped, all the things, all annoying, all the wind leaving infinite beauty.

Travel Strategy of South Korea II

Gentle Monster

The surprise Gentle Monster sunglasses museum should still have the impression that there’s nothing interesting but glasses. This time I went to Korea and walked into the Gentle Monster new sand flagship store. After entering, you will be shocked that this is a large sunglasses’ museum.

This is a magical space, the first second of the store being completely attracted by the variety of lighting and material structure, and in addition to the noise of the crowd, and the crows, with a little weird, But it’s curious that. Gentle Monster has five layers, and we’re just entering the first floor, and as we move up, we see a wide variety of unidentified organisms. The most shocking is probably the B1 level of the projection room. When they first entered the screening room, it was dark and suddenly the neatly arranged crows began to swing slowly. After about 10s, the colorful lights flashed and the crows swung to the rhythm of the music. It was amazing and exciting. Gentle Monster’s new sand flagship store retells a new space story with the theme “White Ravens.” The story of the crows who have been invaded by unknown organisms and lost their foothold is displayed in sequence in this space.

“GENTLE MONSTER” is not just an eyeglass store, the unique design of the store like a studio, will let you indulge in it. It is also very popular as a good photographer. From the retro red door, you will find a lot of antique furniture configuration, will take you into a fantasy space. The atmosphere, like the MV scene, has attracted a lot of couples and female customers. Together with a 2-story shop, this personality-filled “little castle” is made up. In addition, the store with a variety of eyes and sunglasses frame is also the most avant-garde design style, so that the “GENTLE MONSTER” to become a very popular store in the mall area.

Park You-tin of JYJ also left a trail during The Girl Who Sees Smells shoot, which was released this spring, and thus attracted numerous overseas tourists.

See from afar is just a square side of the house, not noticeable, but rather low-key. After entering the door there was a surprise, as if walking into a secret space. The various shapes of ‘iron and wood ‘and the invisible’ sound ‘in the hall are in sharp contrast. Different materials and structures enrich the contrast, but coexist harmoniously. This can not help but think of each pair of GENTLEMONSTER glasses are loaded with the heart of the craftsman. The trial room is also a separate space. The third and fourth floors have a lot of antique furniture, and the fifth and sixth floors are lounges for coffee and wine. With the aim of “innovating high-end experiment”, its design idea innovates a new model of commercial space, and finds a perfect balance between spreading brand idea and commercial space design.