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Italy national football team won a friendly game in Genk, Belgium by Matteo Politano’s goal in stoppage time. From the last 3-0 loss to England, Christian Pulisic became the only footballer left from the starting ling-up. The winger of Borussia Dortmund take the armband for the first time and take the place of Landon Donovan, becoming the youngest captain in the club’s history.

In the first half, Italy takes the dominant position while they failed to win any chances, so that they could get out of the goalless deadlock in the second-half. The United States national football team also found themselves facing a worse situation in the second half, too. When Leonardo Bonucci runs into the penalty area of the United States, Kevin Lasagna forces a save from Ethan Horvath an hour after the start. Walker Zimmerman would have had the best opportunity of the opening hour-plus for the United States side. He powered a strong back-post header, but the ball surpassed the crossbar.

Italy Football Shirt

Then the Italy side are still making efforts for a match-winning goal, which came when Politano passed through defense of the opposition to finish a nice team move.

A still glowing defender said, “A team could win the World Cup When all football players could unite together as what Italian internationals have done in 2006.” Almost every footballer will take winning a World Cup as the highest honor in one’s football playing career. Similar to many people, winning a World Cup is an incredible dream from childhood, and all efforts to the goal is a permanent emotion for the rest of your life.

Obviously, it is very difficult to win the World Cup. Up to now, there are twenty football teams have lifed throphies, and Italy squad is one team among those winners. So, how could Italy squad made it in 2006? The main aspect of the victory in 2006 lies in unity — all footballers fought for each other in Germany. They are a proper team on the basis of a harmonious team.

Italy Football Shirt
Italy Football Game

Unity is an essential factor and is more important than sporting ability. The factor is also significant for every person who focused on the objective. In 2006, the Italy national football team is a collection of friends more than that of football players.

Nothing could defeat the Italy national football team. They said they were always stronger than difficulties. In recent years, the team have been put forward together with the same group of footballers. They all know about each other well in training and football games.

To every football player and the manager of Italy side, all of them should know about the rule thoroughly: the areas of weakness are more important than advantages. Unity is fundamental every day, even for those who are not members of the starting line-up. It is also the hidden meaning of a team.

Such kind of spirit allows a football team to grow stronger. Although then Italian captain was stuck in the famous  Calciopoli scandal, all footballers defended, respected and trusted him. It is also the factor of their trumph in 2006.

2018 Italy National Team Away Shirt

The top tier athletic equipment manufacturer Puma had released several national team away football shirt. The same color of white dominates these shirts while various ornaments such as emblems flags and motifs distinguish the different shirt. The players will wear these newly designed jersey to embrace the matches of World Cup.

“When the national team cooperating with us step into the pitch, they are backed by the power from whole country. Ebullient players are aware of that they are fighting for the nation pride and endeavoring to win the honor for the teams that their crest embroiders at the chest represents. This simple design is expected to eliminate all negative voice and disadvantageous factors existing among the team, players and spectators. We want everyone to celebrate the events out of their original impulse which is for the crest, for the flag, and for the fans.” says by Puma TEAMSPORT chief creative director Stefano Favaro.

The distinctive ornaments derive from emblematic elements of the nation, which ensures that every shirt is recognizable with a conciseness aesthetics. At both side of the chest of the new shirt, FIGC crest with four stars and Puma logo are used to decorate the shirt respectively, which appear on the shoulders as well. Blue occupies the collar and cuffs. With the miniature of the Italy national flag, the shirt brims the national honor and emphasizes the importance of Gli Azzurri (The Blues). Two blue stripes encircle the collar, bringing modern style to the whole shirt. Micro-sized national flag can be seen at the back of neck as well.

New kit is equipped with the evoKNIT Thermoregulation technology. This technology builds a system to enhance dehumidification and cool down the body automatically with high efficiency, keeping the players in an optima in the pitch. Seamless textile will fit the body perfectly and has enough flexibility, offering an impeccable comfort to players in motion.

Visible meshes cover the chest, shoulders, oxter and top back where the skin is easily sudoriferous. These meshes constitute specific heat radiation system which is designed as a measure to regulate shell temperature. Technology of Dry Cell can discharge the moisture absorbed by fabric, wick the sweat away from the skin and keep the body in a dry condition.

Italy’s absence to the world cup is really a regret to all the prominent players in the team such as Gianluigi Buffon, Emerson Palmieri and Giorgio Chiellini.

Giorgio Chiellini is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a defender and captains for both Italian club Juventus and the Italy national team. A physically strong, aggressive, and versatile defender, although he is usually deployed as a center-back, he is also capable of playing as a left-back, both in a three or four-man defense. Chiellini is considered to be one of the footballing world’s top defenders.

With Juventus, he has won seven consecutive Serie A titles from 2012 to 2018, as well as four consecutive Coppa Italia titles, and three Supercoppa Italiana titles. He made his international debut for Italy in 2004 and currently has a total of 97 caps making him Italy’s eighth-highest appearance holder. He was selected in the nation’s squads for the 2004 Olympics, winning a bronze medal, as well as for three UEFA European Championships, two FIFA World Cups and two FIFA Confederations Cups, helping the Azzurri to reach the final of UEFA Euro 2012 and achieve a third-place finish at the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup.