Italy 2014 World Cup Home Shirt Great

When it comes to FIFA World Cup, most of people on the planet know the major sporting event. It is the most prestigious football competition in the world. There are a lot of national teams to fight for the championship every four years. Another widely known sporting event is the Olympic Games. They are world-famous competitions that allow players from different countries and regions to compete equally.

The World Cup tournaments have been won by eight national teams. Brazil has won five times, and it is the only team to have played in every tournament. Germany and Italy have separately won four titles while Argentina and Uruguay won two times each. In addition, England, France and Spain, won one title each.

Italy national team is one of successful and powerful national teams in the world and its sponsor PUMA had designed and manufactured the World Cup shirts for the squad competing in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The 2014 World Cup Home Shirt was released on 3 March 2014 and would debut at a friendly match against Spain.

Some people participated in the launch event, including PUMA’s general manager Volfango Bondi, FIGC’s vice-chairman Demetrio Albertini, head coach Cesare Prandelli, the team captain Gianluigi Buffon and player Giorgio Chiellini and Marco Verratti.


Volfango Bondi said: “We cooperated with the Italian Football Association to create such a product that meets the requirements of the World Cup in terms of design and functionality. The PWR ACTV technology is the latest and the most innovative technology of PUMA, and the jerseys made by the technology will help players perform better on the lawns of Brazil. We are eager to take advantage of this technology to produce the shirts for Italy national team for a long time. The national team players will go to Brazil with the support of PUMA. We believe they can achieve great success.”

Buffon said: “I am impressed with the new jersey, and it makes me feel a real and strong Italy. The PWR ACTV stripe ensures our good performance. The jerseys’ tour around the country is a good idea for fans to show their support. At the end of the tour, we will go to Brazil with the support of fans. I believe that our performance will make Italy proud.”

This home shirt 2018 is predominately blue, so fans can recognize the Gli Azzurri (The Blues) on football pitches. The most eye-catching detail is the small Italy national flag inlaid in the right and left sleeves, showing respect for the nation. Indispensable brand logo and the FIGC badge can be found on the chest.

The new white home shorts and blue socks complete the home kit. Light materials of the kit enhance performance, without giving up the breathability. What’s more, PUMA’s powerCELL technology maximizes comfort.

Football shirts currently are not simply used by players in football matches however fans start to wear them to show which group they support. Get a comfortable and breathable Italy football shirt to show your support directly and proudly. Wearing the shirt can support your team wherever you are.

Great Italy 2016 Home Football Shirt

Founded in 1898, Italy national team is governed by the Italian Football Federation(FIGC) that is a founding member of UEFA and a member of FIFA. It also organizes the Italian football league, Coppa Italia and the Italian women’s national football team. Italy national team has got four titles of World Cup and won European Football Championship. It is one of successful national teams in Europe.

Unfortunately, the mighty team missed the 2018 World Cup after 60 years, which was upset heartbreaking for both national team players and their loyal fans. The team captain Gianluigi Buffon also announced his retirement from the national team. He said:“This is indeed a failure of Italian football. However, I am still looking forward to the future of Italian football. We have ability and determination to stage a comeback after such a failure. I will leave the position for those young geniuses such as Donnaluma and Mattia Perin.”

Gianluigi Buffon is widely regarded as the greatest goalkeeper. As a professional footballer, he got a lot of individual awards. In 2017, Buffon won the Best FIFA Goalkeeper Award. Besides, he has been named the Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year eleven times.

On football patches, Buffon is a talented and aggressive goalkeeper with speed, prowess and anticipation, as well as confidence, goalkeeping technique and reactions. He often functioned as a sweeper-keeper, frequently rushing out of his area to clear the ball or face opponents who had beaten the offside trap.

In addition to playing for Italy national team, Buffon plays for Serie A club Juventus, too. He helped the team win nine titles of Serie A.

The home kit includes traditionally blue shirt, white shorts and blue socks. Accordingly, Italy national team gets its nickname the Azzurri(blue).

The brand new Italy home shirt 2016 was unveiled by PUMA and the FIGC to encourage the team led by Gianluigi Buffon to get more victories. It is the traditional color—blue.

PUMA, the supplier of the team, has created innovative technologies to provide best football shirts for national team players.

Designers of PUMA took inspiration from past victories of Italy national team and combined Italian fashion when they were designing the shirt, expressing their respect for the great history of Italian football.

This shirt would debut at a friendly match against Belgium national team.

Inspired by pride, passion and tradition of Italian football, the home shirt features a high-round collar which keeps a classic charm. The iconic Puma Form Strips are full of the shirt. PUMA logo is printed on the shoulders and chest. Besides, the team badge, paying homage to the nation, is embroidered on the chest. There is a small flag of Italy shown on both sides of the shirt to reflect national pride.

PUMA’s innovative ACTV Thermo-R technology is used to manufacture the new jersey to help players maintain body temperature during exercise. This shirt with unique material can absorb excess heat and release it back to the body when needed. The stripe, close to the body, can also massage skin to help athletes play better.

“Personally, I am proud to participate in the work and have a great sense of satisfaction. We are very serious about this design and hope that it can show the tradition of Italian football and the uniqueness of PUMA brand.” said Torsten Hochstetter, the global creative director of PUMA.