Italy Away Football Shirt 2016 High-quality

PUMA has been cooperating with the Italian Football Federation(FIGC) and manufactured a large number of football shirts for Italy national team. Besides, it also provides equipment for Italian youth team, women’s soccer and beach soccer team.

This is an away football shirt designed for the successful team competing in 2016 European Football Championship. National team players would put on the new shirt in a match against Malta national team for the preliminary match of UEFA Euro 2016.

Italy away football shirt 2016 with unique design details shows the tradition of Italian football—growing passion and a strong sense of pride. There is a three-colored stripe extending from the collar to the bottom, which was inspired by Italian national flag. And the three-dimensional badge of the national team is inlaid in the stripe. The stripe and team badge all show respect for the great country.

Tailored blue collar and stripes on shoulders make a contrast with the white body part. The logo of PUMA brand brings out the crucial point.

The innovative ACTV Thermo-R technology is widely used to produce football match jerseys in order to help players keep best body temperature.

“The brand new away shirt is designed with special details. Profound Italian culture has influenced the whole design and designers have created a lot of compelling details. We get inspiration from the rich heritage of Italian football, and we learn from it. I am proud of the final design.” said Tosten Hochstedtter, PUMA’s global creative director.

“I thank PUMA for designing our national team shirt. It is still one of our great partners. The national team represents Italy national flag when athletes play at football fields around the world. Therefore, the design that the national flag is inlaid in the stripe perfectly reflects this idea.” said Carlo Tavizio, the chairman of the FIGC.

Italy is a country carrying out a wide range of sports not only including football. Cycling is also held here every year, attracting many of the top riders around the world. Athletics, soccer, cycling, fencing, men’s basketball, women’s volleyball, boxing, gymnastics and synchronized swimming among the sports of Olympic Games are successful.

In addition to sports, Italy is also a country with profound culture.

Colosseum is a greatest and largest oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy. It can hold between 50,000 and 80,000 spectators, having an average audience of 65,000. Nowadays, the Colosseum is a major tourist attraction and thousands of people come here to visit the interior arena every year. Beneath the Colosseum, a network of subterranean passageways once used to transport wild animals and gladiators to the arena opened to the public in summer 2010.

Milan Cathedral is the cathedral church of Milan, Italy, which took approximately six centuries to complete. It is the largest church in Italy and the third largest in the world. There are 3,400 statues, 135 gargoyles and 700 figures that decorate the cathedral. It is said that there are more statues on this gothic-style cathedral than any other building in the world. Visitors can climb the stairs or take the lift to the rooftop to fully appreciate the architecture of the most renowned silhouette in the city

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