Best Plasma Televisions

Plasma TVs are popular for their superior display qualities, wide-viewing angles, and other features such as fluid motion and deep colours. When they were introduced 10 years ago, they had a significantly shorter life-span when compared to most LCD and LED TVs. The burn-in image was another stigma that plasma tvs had to bear for a long time. However, with the progress in plasma technology, all that has become a thing of the past. The instances of images burning in are much rarer than before and most plasma television sets manufactured in the last couple of years are expected to be as durable as the common LED and LCD sets. If you are looking to replace your old tv with a new plasma, you might be considering just throwing the old one into the dump, but be warmed this isn't a good idea. The main reason is that all tv contain dangerous chemicals and metals, which can pollute the environment even more so the best idea is to find a proper electronic waste disposal site and give it to them. Alternatively you could see the old one on, giving you more money to spend on a bigger one.

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What to Look for in Plasma TVs

Most plasma TVs come with a bigger screen than standard television sets. This means that you must have appropriate settings to mount a plasma tv at home. There must be enough room or distance between the tv and the watcher for the latter to enjoy the proper viewing angle. Another thing is that the plasma surface is more susceptible to glare, therefore it is important that you place the tv in a room where you can control the light at ease. Plasma sets are best enjoyed in near darkness or places with a minimum amount of light. It is also important to keep the room in clean conditions all the time. You can use the cheapest dyson dc40 multi floor or some other popular vacuum cleaner for that purpose.

However, keep this in mind that the bigger screen is not the only advantage with a plasma TV and there are other factors that one must take into account. These include 3D viewing options, depth of color, fluidity of motion, refresh rate, connectivity options, contrast ratio, etc. On the basis of these features, we have singled out the Samsung F8500 plasma tv series to be the best options available to the avid home theatre aficionado today. Panasonic plasma series TVs such as those from Panasonic Viera ZT60 and Panasonic Viera VT60 were highly popular, but sadly enough for plasma fans, Panasonic has recently announced that they are discontinuing the manufacture of plasma television and all their existing models are known to be sold out.

Samsung F8500

The models from this series are famous for their fluid motion, high-contrast display and rich and vivid colors. They come with 3D sound, 1920 x 1080 native resolution, subfield motion, 50.7" screen and other high end features. For high quality home theatre experience, these plasma tvs are among the best options you are going to have. In addition, this plasma tv comes with multiple HDMI ports which come handy when you are trying to connect your satellite or cable box to the tv set. You can also connect this tv set with a host of multimedia tools such as game system, blu-ray player, etc. The Bluetooth connectivity options are also there and you can also share content through cloud. The tvs in this series also come with one year extensive labor and parts warranty which are extendable in the future. The customer support section for Samsung plasma tvs is also known to be top-notch, which again helps since a plasma tv is a fat investment and is supposed to be a long-term commitment on the buyer's part.